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Design Process

0-1 l Iteration l New Features


Conducted the design process across teamwork


Initiated the company’s first ever design process which aims to collaborate teams and decrease the problems for developing.

Before I joined, there wasn't a structured development or design process. It was more about anyone being able to start projects and find others to carry them out.

Pain Point

  • Unable to understand the details of design requirements.

  • Unable to conform to the programming logic.

  • It was difficult to locate the responsible individuals for specific projects.

What I did
  • Presented Concept Development & Ideation through meetings.

  • Built the design process, it refer to Dan Nessier's 4D Model (which revised the Double Diamond Design Thinking) and Stanford Design Thinking Process.

  • Defined what documents should be delivered and for whom at each stage

Process Improvement
  • Design Process was mixed with Design Thinking, Nielsen Norman Group.

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