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Desk Research

Desk Research  IX Flow  Youtube APP


Designed mobile's interaction flow.

Development team and I created the paid app, Live-Streaming, that allows the camera of your Android / iOS mobile device to connect and stream live video to our company's video management systems.


I did desk research of the best mobile interaction designs to find some great reference to iterate our product's interactions. In order to delight the user and create more friendly user experience on device.

How I did
  • Arranged the analysis of the competitive product from desk survey. And I took the feature of Youtube, Video Uploading, for example.

  • As a sample, YouTube APP (iOS) Version 15.42.2.

  • Analyzed the interaction of YouTube features, following the methods by Havana Nguyen. "IX flow". And I mixed analysis with the wireframe, provided by Nielsen Norman Group (nngroup).

  • Defined the interaction style through four modes, Triggers, Rules, Feedback, Loops, and Modes, by Micro-interaction.

  • Reference: UX Collective."Micro-interactions: why, when, and how to use them to improve the user experience." Medium Article. 

  • Reference: Havana Nguyen. "An Introduction to Interaction Flows." Medium Article. 


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